From spring 2019 onwards, our team invites 19 international research groups to participate in workshops aimed at validating the innovation potential of digital methods in the Humanities.

The workshops will take place in eight European cities:

  • Frankfurt
  • Münster
  • Stuttgart
  • Vienna (AT)
  • Manchester (GB)
  • Edinburgh (GB)
  • Rome (IT)

The participants will get to know a number of different digital tools and put them to the test with regard to authentic research questions prompted by Cassiodorus’ Variae. The individual phases of the workshops represent crucial phases in the process of editing and analysing texts with the help of digital methods.

Furthermore, the workshops are to stimulate discussions as to the overall usefulness and usability of digital methods in the Humanities as well to their potential of changing scholars’ ways of engaging with their respective research objects.

The workshops’ specific modules – including presentations, hands-on sessions and discussions – will include the following:

  • Introduction to digital annotations with the help of mark-up languages
  • Exploration of a graphical user interfacefacilitating the digital annotation of Cassiodorus’ Variae
  • Corpus-based linguistic analysis
  • Network analysis on the basis of the digitally annotated text corpus of the Variae
  • Geo-referencing, including the correlation between spatial and non-spatial data
  • Version control systems and digital publishing

All modules can be adjusted according to the participants’ scholarly background as well as to their experiences in the field of the Digital Humanities.